Tips and Tricks

You can use the keyboard to navigate in the main menu. Each menu item has a letter in bold, to let you know which key is its shortcut

Use the BlackBerry menu key to quickly add a task to the inbox, create a new project or access the next actions and projects lists. You can double-tap the menu key to access the “quick add” entry.

The Today list inside the NextActions screen, shows you tasks which are due today. New tasks are added to this list automatically.
You can, however, select tasks from the main Next Actions list and add them to the Today list, to give them a special focus.

Install BlackBerry® Protect to easily and automatically keep your tasks secured and backed up.

When adding a new task, you can include the @context in the task title to skip the context input dialog. (added in version 1.2)

When adding a new task, start the task title with an exclamation mark to set it as a high priority task. (added in version 2.0)