The GTD Workflow with WiseTasks


By default, all new tasks show up in the Inbox. This includes tasks added inside or outside WiseTasks.
The criteria for a task to show up in the Inbox is to not have any reserved list keyword in its title (#next, #waiting or #later).

Process & Organize

Clicking on an item in the Inbox list will popup the process dialog. From here you can:

  1. Action – convert to a Next Action
  2. Project – convert to a Project
  3. Waiting – conver to a Waiting For
  4. Someday – convert to a Someday/Maybe
  5. Delete – delete completely

Review & Do

As WiseTasks in tightly integrated with the BlackBerry PIM system, besides WiseTasks own lists, you can also review your items in different ways:

  • using the BlackBerry calendar and agenda view
  • using the BlackBerry Tasks and Memo apps and special filters
  • third-party apps which also integrate with Tasks and Memos

How to select what to do?
Visit your Next Actions list. The “Today” list shows urgent things. Besides that, there is the general Next Actions list. Here you can see all your Actions grouped by context. You can also use a filter to show tasks from only one context.