Geofencing with GeoContexts

With Geofencing you are able to filter out items from your Tasks, according to your current geographic position.

In the GTD methodology, a Context is one of the main criteria for choosing what to do, as it is a limiting factor. “I can only to X when I’m at…”

We’ve put this two ideas together and created GeoContexts.

How do I create GeoContexts?

Picture 1 - Options screen

Access the Options screen from the main menu. In the section “GeoContexts” you can choose the unit for distance measurement (miles or kilometers) and the accuracy for detecting your position.

In general, we recommend that you leave the accuracy at ‘Normal (Cell)’, which will use the Cell Tower triangulation method to find out your current position. Altought the accuracy has a bigger error margin, we think it’s good enough for this kind of use, since your contexts are usually seperated by many kilometeres apart.

The list below those options will show you your configured GeoContexts. To add a new one just click the “Add new…” button. You will be asked for:

  • the name of the context (this should be the exact same name you use in your tasks: @home, @office, @city, @shopping, etc…)
  • Latitude and Longitude in decimal notation. To find this out, you can use any maps application, like google maps or bb maps
  • Radius: this will determine the distance from the coordinate you specified until which the app will consider that you are inside the same context. Unless you are using High(GPS) accuracy, don’t bother to enter anything less than 1Km/mile

And that’s all there is to it!

Using GeoContexts

Picture 2 - What's here?

There’s really no Rocket Science here! When you write/process your tasks, just type the same context word, and Wise Tasks will automatically make the link to your GeoContexts.

To use GeoContext filtering, access the new “What’s Here?” option from the main menu.

On the first run, your BlackBerry will very likely ask you if you allow the app to access your geolocation info. Obviously, say yes 🙂

After scanning your position, Wise Tasks will find out which contexts can be applied to your current position. Note: you can have more than one context “active” at one given position.

On the example at the right, you can see that both @office and @city contexts are active. That’s because the phone was inside the @office (which had a really small radius, as you can see in the Picture 1) but the office is inside the @city, which has a bigger radius.


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