Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between Deferred and Someday/Maybe?
    In GTD terminology, both would be considered to be in “Someday/Maybe”, but you can think of Deferred as a kind of short-term Someday.
    Items in Deferred have the BlackBerry task status set to Deferred. To place an item in Someday/Maybe, add the list #later to the task title.
    You can also used Deferred for tasks in projects which are not yet Next Actions, but you don’t want to leave them out.
  2. I defered an Action, why does it still shows up in the Today list?
    Deferring does not remove the due date of a task, as it may be important! So, if the due date has already passed or is the current day, it will still appear on your Today list so you don’t forget about it.
    If that is not desired, you can manually edit the task and remove the due date. 
  3. What are the BlackBerry Categories used for?
    At this moment, there is no use for Categories. WiseTasks uses special keywords in the task title to set its context and list. We opt for this due to the speed of inserting and categorizing tasks right from the first input.
  4. How do I set up a task reminder/alarm?
    You can do advanced task configuration from the core BlackBerry Tasks application. This can also be accessed internally by selecting a task and clicking “Edit”.
  5. How can I synchronize/backup my data?
    WiseTasks uses the BlackBerry PIM for tasks, contacts, calendar and memos. Hence, if you already have a way to synchronize your BlackBerry, Wise Task’s data is already secure.
    Also, check out BlackBerry Protect, to easily keep your data secured and backed up automatically.
  6. My question is not in this list
    Please see Support