WiseTasks on BlackBerry 10

The purpose of any app that manages tasks and information should be to make your life easier to access that information at the right time and context. When I set out to port WiseTasks for BB10 I wanted to do something better. Taking the good stuff of GTD, I wanted to extend WiseTasks to other use cases, without loosing its simplicity and efficiency.

After different trials and experiments, I decided to completely replace WiseTasks for a better app on BB10. For that reason, there won’t be a WiseTasks for BB10. The good new is, this new app is ready, and launched today on AppWorld, so I invite you to take a look and try it out (or wait until you get a BB10 device 😉

Product info and screenshots Cittanu for BB10 »

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Discontinuing the free version of Wise Tasks

For those who may be wandering what happened to the Free version of Wise Tasks, here is a short explanation:

The choice of having two separate apps (free and paid) was a bad one, given the time it takes to maintain and improve two code bases (which are similar, but still different).

The free version has been lagging behind for several weeks now, and many critical bug fixes were still lacking. For that reason it was getting lots of negative reviews.

The free version was then removed so that more energy could be focused on creating the new WiseTasks for BlackBerry 10, and maintaining the current paid version. We will look into a better model to allow users to try WiseTasks for free in future versions.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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WiseTasks for BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook

Hello all!

First, let me reply to the community regarding a frequently asked question: is there going to be a version of WT for the PlayBook OS?
Short answer: no.
Long answer: What makes WT stand apart is its integration with the native PIM of the BB OS. Right now, there are no APIs to do the same thing in the PlayBook OS. For that reason I decided not to start a PlayBook version. But, BB10 will eventually reach the PB and replace its current OS. At that time you can expect to run WT in your PlayBook too 🙂

I’m now starting  to plan and develop WT for BB10. With the power and extensibility of the new BB10, WT is going to do a big jump and bring awesome features to maintain is status as one of the leading GTD task management apps in mobile devices.

Although I already have some cool ideas, I’d also love to hear from the users: what do you like most about the app? What should change? What is missing? What could make it a really unique app task management app?

Waiting for your feedback via email!

Thank you and keep in touch 😉

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Version 2.1.4

Version 2.1.4 (18 June 2012)
* Tasks moved from “Next” to “Later” would sometimes show strange characters in the task title

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“Parse error” bug or empty screens

We’re aware that some users have found strange behaviours like getting a “Parse error” message or just empty screens. In both cases, the app exits when the back button is pressed.

This bug happens when the title(summary) of a task has the double-quote character in it, example: This task title “will result in an error”

We’re working to find out a solution for this problem, but we are not yet sure if the bug is in WiseTasks or the BlackBerry development framework used. Will keep you posted!

Thanks for you understanding.

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Version 2.1.1 released (minor bugfix)

Version 2.1.1 (9 May 2012)
* Tasks were not correctly listed as “today” if the hour was later than current time

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Version 2.1.0 released

Version 2.1.0 has been released and should hit AppWorld anytime 🙂
The free version will follow soon.

In this new version, everytime your BlackBerry starts up and when you open or make changes inside Wise Tasks, the app icon will be updated to let you know if there are any tasks due today. This allows you to know you have important things to do, even without opening the app.

The tiny icon in the “What’s Next” menu item will follow the same behaviour. If there are tasks due today, the icon will change to the “red star” notification icon, instead of the standard one.

A few other improvements with GeoContexts:

  • you can now add a new one from your current position, saving you the trouble to get the coordinates from an external application
  • clicking on a geocontext in the options screen allows you to visit that location in the BlackBerry maps application

Version 2.1.0 (7 May 2012)
New features:
* Update application icon when there are tasks due today
* Ability to view GeoContexts in BlackBerry Maps
* Add GeoContext from current position

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