What’s new in version 2.0?

We’re commited to deliver a great productivity experience in BlackBerry Smartphones.

Wise Tasks has been planned in order to take advantage of the world’s leading productivity system (GTD) and to help you manage your tasks in a fast and simple way, because phones are not computers.

A quick glimpse at the new main menu will show you how you can now access what you need, even faster! With version 2, we are taking the power of task management one step further by bringing Geofencing (geolocation filtering) to the native BlackBerry Tasks.

You can set up an unlimited number of Geocontexts, by specifying its geographic coordinates and a radius of influence.

There are no big changes in the way the app works. Just use your same context keywords, to automatically assign them to a geocontext.

The new “What’s Here?” screen will speed up the process of getting to know what next actions are doable. It will detected on which contexts you are in, and show you all Next, Waiting, and Deferred tasks.

Last but not least, version 2 also has a prettier main menu 😉

An overview of the main features

Based on Getting Things Done, the world’s leading productivity methodology, Wise Tasks utilizes and extends the power of your BlackBerry smartphone by allowing you to quickly and easily manage tasks and projects.

It’s not just another Tasks app.
Wise Tasks integrates tightly with your BlackBerry and shares the same Tasks, Memos and Contacts, taking you to a whole new level of smarter task management.

KISS – Keep It Simple and Sweet

Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly open the main lists

A good App should help you get things done and stay out of your way.

Besides using keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate the app, Wise Tasks has an interface developed with simplicity and functionality in mind.

From Inbox to Done – effortlessly

Processing tasks in the Inbox

The Inbox collects “stuff” added from the application and from the BlackBerry Tasks app.

The one-click-processing will let you move items across lists and change their status in a flash.

The power of GTD Contexts

Next Actions are also grouped by contexts

The Next Actions list will always show you what to do at any time and place.

Use the “Today” list to select the most important tasks you want to complete, or to find out what is due.

Select a filter in the Contexts list to show only the relevant tasks.

Project Management

Project - People

Wise Tasks uses the BlackBerry Memos to store project notes.

Put everything together! Assign Tasks and Contacts to Projects, so that you can view all the relevant info in just one go.

The Notes screen will show the project’s notes, which can be edited at any time as a Memo. From here you can also mark the project as finished, having the option to keep the notes for future reference.

Project - Tasks

From the People screen you can quickly access personal data, make a phone call or send an email message.

The Tasks screen will fetch all your tasks assigned to the project, and filter them by their current status: Next, Waiting, Deferred or Completed.

More features!

Are you missing something?

We’re commited to create a great GTD experience integrated with the BlackBerry platform.

Send us your feature requests or comments to improve the app!