Live on AppWorld + v1.1 released

We’re happy to announce that Wise Tasks has been approved in BlackBerry AppWorld, get it now »

At the same time, we released v1.1.0 with the following changelog:

Version 1.1.0 (20 Apr 2012)
New features:
* ability to edit project notes from inside the project screen
* included a list of completed and saved projects inside the logbook
* ability to skip the context input dialog by typing the @context in the task title
* added a visual hint to highlight tasks with written notes
* added a visual hint to highlight high priority tasks
* added an “important” filter in the next actions screen to group high priority tasks

* fix task titles that got cut when converted to projects
* fix tasks getting placed in the wrong list due to a mismatch between keywords and task status
* minor UI improvements

Known Issues:
* on the first run after installing, the Back button won’t work. This is not a WiseTasks problem , but one of the BlackBerry framwork itself. Just close and open again, and it will work fine ever after.

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